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Bettina Henrich

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George Bizet's opera "CARMEN" with gipsy orchestra

Bettina Henrich is playing the role of gipsy Maria in George Bizet's opera "CARMEN" in a new musical arrangement for flamenco guitar and gipsy orchestra, produced by „Deutsche Opernwerkstatt am Rhein“. Bettina alias Maria is the cajon player of the gipsy orchestra. The orchestra is playing on stage and the musicians are integrated into the plot as actors.

Next Shows:

• Thursday, March 9, 2017, 8 p.m.: Saalbau, Bergerstr. 25, D-58452 Witten

• Friday, March 10, 2017, 8 p.m.: Saalbau, Bergerstr. 25, D-58452 Witten

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Saalbau / Haus Witten

• Friday, April 7, 2017, 8 p.m.: Podium, Bahnhofstr. 10, CH-3186 Düdingen

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Podium Düdingen

Enjoy some photos and a short video containing highlights of the show here: Opernwerkstatt am Rhein - Carmen


"Little Green Frog"

Little Green Frog I am happy that my song "Little Green Frog" on Monday, March 25, could accompany a television report of the "WDR-Lokalzeit Duesseldorf" acoustically! :-)

Until the end of this week, the post's online to see in the WDR library

You can either watch the whole show "Lokalzeit in Duesseldorf" of Monday March, 25, or click the "Frog caused poison alarm (Frosch verursacht Giftalarm)" link!

Little Green Frog New CD

"Little Green Frog"

has been released

September 3, 2010!

Bettina Henrich & Band at

"LITTLE GREEN FROG" (audio CD), release date:
Friday, September 3rd, 2010

Ladies behind the drum set are a rare phenomenon. A female drummer who also sings, leads her own band and writes her own material, is presumably unique. Bettina Henrich is such a unique musician and now she presents her second album "LITTLE GREEN FROG".

Henrich, who sometimes characterizes herself as "Germany's oldest newcomer" with a twinkle of her eyes, toured Europe as a drummer for many years with various bands like B.Bang Cider, Freak Family and PrimaVera, before she debuted as a Singer / Songwriter and Recording Artist under her own name in 2006. Her song "New Orleans In The Rain" was taken into program from the start by more than a dozen radio stations in various of the United States and in the Netherlands. The same happened in solid sequence to four more titles from her writing, and in 2008 she issued her first album "ME."

For "ME." and the included song "Lullaby" Henrich was rewarded by the 26th German Rock and Pop-Prize 2008 in the categories "Best CD album of the year, in English language" and "Best song of the year, in English language". And she placed her song "Vierzig" ("Fourty") from the same album in the top ten of the Radio Song Contest 2009.

To meet the increasing demand for live appearances - also on radio and TV - she meanwhile formed the Bettina Henrich Trio, in which she realizes all her potentials. By her side work - live and on the new album - guitarist Till Schubert and bass man Ralf Wißdorf, two experienced musicians, sensitive for polished details and deeply familiar with Bettina's music for years.

The new silver disk, too, has at least three chart ready ear catchers to offer, which are the easy "Little Green Frog", the romantic "Falling In Love" and the bluesy "Treat Me Mean" (recorded live). She wrote all titles herself except "Treat Me Mean", which was penned by her late father Udo Henrich. She introduced this song to the public already by the end of 2009, after it had been slumbering completely forgotten on a cassette tape in some card board case. The "Good-Bye Waltz" and "Flying With The Wild Birds" are further delicatessen, and to top things off, there's a mighty surprise hidden among the all in all nine titles, too.

Bettina Henrich's natural clear voice is in the center focus. She can charm you in a melancholy and balladic way and she can grab you rockin' and rollin' – a singer with power and feeling. Also she played almost all drum tracks on "LITTLE GREEN FROG" herself and even took the production into her own hands. Additional support came from internationally renowned keyboarder Xaver Fischer and percussionist Martin Hesselbach. Eric Harings contributed as co-producer and did the drumming on "Good-Bye Waltz". Signing for a good sound are Harings, Georg Niehusmann and Michael Schwabe, and so the album shows an unadulterated handwriting and professional polish.

"LITTLE GREEN FROG" will be released on September 3rd 2010 on Rockwerk Records.

The same night, there will be a CD release concert at the PRETTY VACANT CLUB in the Düsseldorf old town, Mertensgasse 8, at eight o'clock.

Radio Song Contest 2009

Bettina Henrich's German song "Vierzig" (engl.: "Forty") reached the
Top Ten of the RADIO SONG CONTEST 2009!


At the GERMAN ROCK & POP MUSIC AWARDS 2008, Bettina Henrich has won awards in the categories "Best CD-Album In English Language" and "Best Song In English Language"

News - Archive

December 2009: Treat Me Mean -
Seven Days Of Santa Claus

Santa Claus in Germany is not identical with Father Christmas in the US. He has his own day on December 6th: and Bettina Henrich-Fans should be especially prepared for that occasion. The singer-songwriter from Düsseldorf has a nice surprise in store:

Her new single "Treat Me Mean" will be available here, on Bettina's homepage, for free download for an entire week, starting December 6th. And there is a special reason for this.

Bettina und Udo Henrich 1970 (Foto: Frank Pierlings)Fact is, "Treat Me Mean" was penned by her late father Udo Henrich and has quite a story behind it. Her Daddy had long passed, when Bettina found an old cassette tape amongst other dusty left behinds, and it carried this song on it. The recording, no doubt, was by Udo, but nobody could tell who had written the tune and when and who the accompanists were. Bettina Henrich kept the little treasure for years, because the song was of timeless beauty and would not let her go. She had already newly arranged it for her trio, when a friend of her fellow musician Vera Kloß read the name Bettina Henrich on a old demo CD and casually asked: "A relative of Udo Henrich, maybe?" That was Ludger Kobé, who had played the bass for the 1982 session when "Treat Me Mean" had been recorded. He could confirm that Udo Henrich had written it, and there were quite a few things more he could relate about the session.

Bettina Henrich Trio liveDuring her concert at the Düsseldorf Sonic Yard on February 6th 2009 Bettina Henrich had the title recorded live and now presents it for free download from German Santa Claus Day until December 13th which is the birthday of Udo Henrich. She performed it with the outstanding Till Schubert on guitar and the no less witty Ralf Wissdorf on bass. She herself did the singing and gave the rhythm on a snare drum. The final mixing was handled by Georg Niehusmann.

"Treat Me Mean" is not only a wonderful example for the infectious live qualities of the Bettina Henrich Trio, but also giving a taste of the new album to be issued september 2010. Make ready for it. In 2006 Bettina Henrich had a big success on US radio with her song "New Orleans In The Rain". In 2008 she could celebrate awards for "Best CD album of the year" and "Best song of the year" in the GERMAN POP & ROCK PRIZE contest. In 2009 Bettina's song "Vierzig" ("Forty") made it into the Top Ten of the RADIO SONG CONTEST.

Of course, you can download "Treat Me Mean" after December 13th, too, for money from iTunes and similar platforms, that is. But why when Santa Claus gives you seven days of time ...