Bettina Henrich

Debüt-CD "ME."

New Orleans In The Rain
01 Run away with me Text
02 Things I wanna say Text
03 Vierzig Text
04 Mister Butterfly Text
05 Baby Blue Text
06 Boom Boom Text
07 Du Text
08 New Orleans In The Rain Text
09 Rock me baby Text
10 Lullaby Text

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Rock me baby

Your love is magic,baby, it gives me a thrill
Just ask me if I need you and you'll see I will

The way you treat me, baby, it just feels so good
I ain't gonna leave you, never said I would

Your lovin' takes my higher and I lose control
You satisfy my body, satisfy my soul

Rock me, baby, rock me all night long
Rock me, baby, rock me all night long

When I feel, you, baby, close to me at night
I love the way you kiss, the way you hold me tight

I am so happy, baby, that you're in my world
Without you, I was nothing but a lonely girl