Bettina Henrich

Debüt-CD "ME."

New Orleans In The Rain
01 Run away with me Text
02 Things I wanna say Text
03 Vierzig Text
04 Mister Butterfly Text
05 Baby Blue Text
06 Boom Boom Text
07 Du Text
08 New Orleans In The Rain Text
09 Rock me baby Text
10 Lullaby Text

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Things I wanna say
Bettina Henrich

Things I wanna say (4x)

There you stand in front of me
Still that same old smile
For how long have you been gone?
I guess it's been quite a while
We're talking 'bout the present times
I'm thinking of the past
So many things that were to change
Why couldn't we make them last?
Now, we're sitting in that bar
And you're telling me 'bout your life
About your home, about your job
And that you have a wife
When I look into your eyes
I know what I have missed
Again, you show me your sweet smile
And I remember when we kissed

Things I wanna say (4x)

But I don't say anything like that
Just keep listening to you
Trying to face
You have your own life
And I have mine to do
Now it's late, you say good-bye
'Cause you have to go home
I watch you while you walk outside
Stay sitting here alone

Things I wanna say (4x)